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Horse Grooming Gear Checklist: Do You Have Everything your Horse Needs? @LittleFieldsFarm Blog

Every horse owner, trainer, rider and breeder knows that for horses to perform their best; they must be cleaned and groomed regularly. If you are a passionate rider and have recently purchased your first horse, this blog will be of great help to you. In this blog we are going to list the essentials to compiling a basic grooming kit for beginners. Read complete blog here.


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6 Reasons Why Many Riders Donít Like Wearing Helmets @LittleFieldsFarm

One of the most essential items in any horse riding checklist is helmet. Many riders believe that helmets are for kids or novices who are just learning to ride a horse. But this is not true. Even the most trained of horses at times act weird, which include getting startled and coming to a halt, jumping, throwing the rider off etc. When any of that happens, a helmet is the only protective gear sure to save you from a cracked skull or misplaced neck bone. Who wouldn’t want that? Read full blog here at Little Fields Farm.

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Debunking the 5 Most Common Horse Riding Myths for Good! @Little Fields Farm

Tired of explaining and educating others about your love for horse riding? Frustrated that everyone in your family thinks that riding a horse is as easy as riding a bike? Can’t make people understand that like other pets they need to be looked after? Irritated at how others mock you for wasting your efforts energy and money on your equine? All of this because they think it is a joke? You better tag them in this post as we are going to debunk some of the most common myths people have regarding horse riding and horses in general. Read full blog here @LittleFieldsFarm.

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