AVANU WebMux Application Delivery Load Balancing

AVANU WebMux Application Delivery Load Balancing

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Importance of network traffic manager and network load balancing solutions

by avanuweb - Oct 25, 2017 - Network traffic manager

The Network traffic manager play important role in avanu networking systems and services. Which allows you to control the distribution of user traffic and also Remove the unwanted traffic which is harmful to overall network systems.The Network traffic manager and Network load balancing solutions shows the causes of Network failure or network congestion. it is important to check and measures network traffic to Avoid network failures.


The network traffic manager provides high availability for your applications by checking your endpoints and provides automatic failover when an endpoint goes down.It checks all the user come across the network, to increase networks bandwidth. Network traffic manager monitors the traffic to increase the performance, Detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues. The network load balancing solutions able to manage the traffic across the WAN(wide area network). Which is commonly used to provide network redundancy .Clusters can use network load ba

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Understand Today’s Network Traffic Manager

Understand Today’s Network Traffic Manager avanu-webmux-banner

Network traffic manager deals with the process of controlling and monitoring the activities of network besides transforming the network into a managed resource by improving efficiency, performance, and required security. It also helps to maintain, administer, and operate the network systems, just like server load balancer. 

Today’s Internet network is very distinct from that of early days’ of internet. As it is rising exponentially with ever-increasing online games, software applications, full length movies, and web pages, the need for an efficient network traffic manager is on the stage. Let's see some of the figures and facts are:

So today if you are looking for server load balancer solutions or network traffic manager solutions, then contact us.

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Why Network Traffic Manager is Important?

by avanuweb - Oct 03, 2017 - Network Traffic Manager

Network Traffic Manager uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to direct client requests to the most appropriate endpoint based on a traffic-routing method and the health of the endpoints. Network Traffic Manager provides a range of traffic-routing methods and endpoint monitoring options to suit different application needs and automatic failover models, Just like server load balancer case.Network Traffic Manager’s benefitsNetwork Traffic Manager can help you with following things.It improve availability of critical applicationsNetwork Traffic Manager delivers high availability for your applications by monitoring your endpoints and providing automatic failover when an endpoint goes down.It improve responsiveness for high-performance applicationsIt allows you to run cloud services or websites in datacenters located around the world. Network Traffic Manager improves application responsiveness by directing traffic to the endpoint with the lowest network latency for the client. It perform servic

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