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Nalini Sinello Ti Short Sleeve Jersey | Men's Cycling Apparel | Cycling Accessory

Nalini Sinello Short Sleeve Jersey is your go-to jersey for riding in warm weather. The full-zip jersey has a regular cut rather than a race cut for cyclists who prefer a little more room between the body and fabric. Crafted with Hot Moa XLight, sweat and excess heat are rapidly transferred away from your body to the outer layer of the jersey so you stay cool and dry. The fabric feels fabulous next to your skin and moves with your body. The material also eliminates odors caused by microbes and offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Cycling Apparel Men.jpg           

Hot Moa Xlight is highly breathable and lightweight. Keeps your body cool and dry in both hot and milder weather. Elastic yarns grant optimal fitting and a pleasant softness. Designed to wick moisture away from the body for quick evaporation.

Tech Specs:

  1. Set-in sleeve
  2. Underarm breathable mesh inserts
  3. SCamblock zipper at the front
  4. Waist’s back end with reflective binding
  5. 3 back pockets
  6. Reflective label on the back
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#1 Giordana Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey | Giordana Sports Apparel & Accessory

With a more generous fit utilizing moisture moving material, The Fusion Short-Sleeve Jersey keeps the rider comfortable, cool and dry, while protecting from UV rays and providing antibacterial properties .


> > > Giordana Classic Cycling Apparel < < <  Tech Specs:

  1. Generous fit
  2. Moisture moving material with UV protection and antibacterial properties
  3. Soft jacquard elastic waist and cuffs
  4. Three rear cargo pockets with pocket clip
  5. Reflective piping
  6. Camlock zipper
  7. Rubber Giordana logos


  • Value and Comfort The Fusion Jersey offers a generous fit while utilizing professional level fabrics, trims and features to keep the rider cool, dry, visible and provide maximum value.
  • Rich Fabric The rich fabric, woven to move moisture away from the body to the exterior of the jersey where it can evaporate, keeps the rider cool and dry while protecting against UV rays and providing antibacterial properties.
  • Trims, Pockets, and Zipper The cuffs and waist are held gently in
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Huge Discount On New Arrivals For Men & Women Cycling Bib Shorts

Nalini X Graphite Bib Shorts stay in place with its streamlined fit so you take advantage of the technical features of your massive explosive efforts. Nalini X Graphite shorts feature lightweight compression material to support your muscles while pushing yourself on the road.

Nalini XGraphite Bib Short - Black.jpg

Treated with Cold Black technology, Nalini Cycling Bib Shorts prevents you from overheating and reduces your body temperature and perspiration. The breathable, sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry while offering UV protection against harmful rays. These race-ready bib shorts give a competitive edge during your quest.

Tech Specs

  1. Stretchy lightweight compression material
  2. Breathes well and keeps you dry
  3. Upper Mesh braces
  4. UV Protection
  5. Anti-slip leg grippers

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Cycling Fashion: Up to 10% Off On Top Cycling Apparel Brands

If you're looking for the ultimate in a performance bib short, you need look no further than the Giordana Forma Red Carbon.

As part of the Body Clone line, the Forma Red Carbon is in the premiere Giordana collection, making it one of the most advanced cycling garments available. The chamois is the Elite Gel OmniForm, which is specifically designed For Men to stretch and conform to the body.  

Giordana FR-C Forma Red Carbon Trade Cycling Bib Shorts

 When you're ready to try a truly ultimate performance short, try the Giordana Forma Red Carbon Cycling Bib Shorts and see why Bicycling Magazine awarded it the Editors Choice Best Bib Short.

  1. Constructed on a curve to clone your body's natural riding position throughout a range of motion
  2. The shape of the panels eliminates puckers and creases by ergonomically following the body's contours
  3. FR-C Bibs utilize HC-44 high compression fabric for precise fit, incredible performance and maximum comfort
  4. A second fabric, Ametista, appears pinstriped due to the threads of carbon woven into it
  5. The c
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Flat 10% Off > Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short

The Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short is designed to curve to clone your body’s natural riding position, eliminating puckers and creases throughout your full range of motion.

Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short USA

If you're looking for the ultimate in a performance bib short, you need look no further than The FR-C Pro Bib ShortThese shorts are designed to contour perfectly to the body, forming a second skin that makes every movement feel natural and comfortable. 

When you're ready to try a truly ultimate performance short, Try The Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short.

Tech Specs:

  1. 220 gram 50 thread count Lycra fabric
  2. 190E woven elastic leg cuffs
  3. Anti-abrasion seat panel fabric
  4. Ametista Carbon waist panel
  5. Stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers
  6. Two reflective tabs on each side of the bib short
  7. Cirro S chamois

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The Benefits of Compression Cycling Gear | Cycle Gear Store

Thinking about getting into some compression Cycling Clothing?   It’s a good thing to be considering the benefits are well worth the investment.  Fashioned after garments designed for diabetics with blood flow problems, compression Cycling Gear puts pressure on muscles to accelerate blood flow to the heart during hard efforts

Many cyclists report less muscle fatigue and improved physical performance while using compression garments, and the quality of these garments is noticeably higher than their non-compression counterparts.   > > Business Profile < < 

Cycling Apparel 2017

We’ll warn you, though, compression garments by design are very tight, and so if that’s not your thing, you may want to consider other options.  But, if you can handle a second-skin feel, we think you’ll be impressed with the benefits compression cycling clothing has to offer.

Proprietary materials give The NX-G bib shorts Giordana’s Signature progressive gradual compression elements.

At Classic Cycling, we carry many brands that

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Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts clearance for Cycling Lovers!

The most advanced cycling clothing in terms of function and style inspired by the latest cycling trends > Whether racing or just riding hard, you’ll love how well each piece enhances your cycling experience.

Garments with a clean design for race function, interpreted with a contemporary taste, where Italian style meets Anglo-Saxon influences and reference to the urban, hipster and social communities.

Nalini San Babila Short Sleeve Jersey

Tech Specs:
  • Camblock zipper at the front
  • Silicone elastic band at the waist
  • 3 rear pockets

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Cycling Apparel USA | Cycling Apparel Online | Road Cycling Clothing

A perfect package for the refined rider, The Giordana Women’s Lungo Short has a slightly less aggressive fit yet is designed specifically to be comfortable in the riding position, with elegant, comfortable, soft, and quick-drying fabric.

Giordana Women_s Lungo Short 2017

Tech Specs:
  • Specifically designed for the refined rider
  • Perfect for casual rides, granfondos, and bike tours
  • Soft, fast-drying material
  • Silky soft, non-restrictive leg band
  • Yoga inspired, elastic-free waistband
  • Crossover and scoop waistband features for comfort and fit
  • Women’s Cirro chamois
  • Giordana Women’s Contour Fit
  • Giordana rubber logos
  • The Refined Rider
  • Fine Italian Fabrics
  • Rich Details
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