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Flat 10% Off > Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short

The Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short is designed to curve to clone your body’s natural riding position, eliminating puckers and creases throughout your full range of motion.

Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short USA

If you're looking for the ultimate in a performance bib short, you need look no further than The FR-C Pro Bib ShortThese shorts are designed to contour perfectly to the body, forming a second skin that makes every movement feel natural and comfortable. 

When you're ready to try a truly ultimate performance short, Try The Giordana Moda FR-C Pro Bib Short.

Tech Specs:

  1. 220 gram 50 thread count Lycra fabric
  2. 190E woven elastic leg cuffs
  3. Anti-abrasion seat panel fabric
  4. Ametista Carbon waist panel
  5. Stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers
  6. Two reflective tabs on each side of the bib short
  7. Cirro S chamois

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A perfect package for the refined rider, The Giordana Women's Lungo Bib Short has a non-aggressive fit yet is designed specifically to be comfortable in the riding position. 100% Purchase Protection and Easy Shipping and Returns.

Giordana Womens Lungo Bib Short

Tech Specs

Specifically designed for the refined rider who wants a technical bib short with a slightly less aggressive fit. Breathable core and back panels with stability enhancement as well as waist and hip support. Minimal seams with one piece of fabric per leg construction. Many More. . .


  1. Perfect for casual rides, gran fondos, and bike tours
  2. Soft, fast drying material
  3. Silky soft, non-restrictive leg band
  4. Ergonomic fit
  5. Perforated bib straps
  6. Dual stretch bib straps
  7. Reflective striping
  8. Women’s Cirro S-W chamois

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