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Giordana Pro Collection | Giordana Exo Cycling Jersey

The Giordana Exo Long Sleeve Jersey is defined by its ability to add compression in the only area where it can be for a jersey: The forearms - from the elbow to the wrist.

Giordana Exo Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey.jpg

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Tech Specs:

  1. Smooth and textured materials combine to increase aerodynamics and provide a second skin fit
  2. Maximum breathability and moisture management, enhanced with breathable mesh
  3. Contoured and aerodynamic collar with back of the neck sun protection
  4. Three rear pockets that stretch and return to stability plus a pocket lip
  5. Cam-Lock zipper
  6. Wide reflective strip above the pockets enhances visibility
  7. Features compression fabric from above the elbow below the wrist

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Cycling Fashion: Up to 10% Off On Top Cycling Apparel Brands

If you're looking for the ultimate in a performance bib short, you need look no further than the Giordana Forma Red Carbon.

As part of the Body Clone line, the Forma Red Carbon is in the premiere Giordana collection, making it one of the most advanced cycling garments available. The chamois is the Elite Gel OmniForm, which is specifically designed For Men to stretch and conform to the body.  

Giordana FR-C Forma Red Carbon Trade Cycling Bib Shorts

 When you're ready to try a truly ultimate performance short, try the Giordana Forma Red Carbon Cycling Bib Shorts and see why Bicycling Magazine awarded it the Editors Choice Best Bib Short.

  1. Constructed on a curve to clone your body's natural riding position throughout a range of motion
  2. The shape of the panels eliminates puckers and creases by ergonomically following the body's contours
  3. FR-C Bibs utilize HC-44 high compression fabric for precise fit, incredible performance and maximum comfort
  4. A second fabric, Ametista, appears pinstriped due to the threads of carbon woven into it
  5. The c
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A perfect package for the refined rider, The Giordana Women's Lungo Bib Short has a non-aggressive fit yet is designed specifically to be comfortable in the riding position. 100% Purchase Protection and Easy Shipping and Returns.

Giordana Womens Lungo Bib Short

Tech Specs

Specifically designed for the refined rider who wants a technical bib short with a slightly less aggressive fit. Breathable core and back panels with stability enhancement as well as waist and hip support. Minimal seams with one piece of fabric per leg construction. Many More. . .


  1. Perfect for casual rides, gran fondos, and bike tours
  2. Soft, fast drying material
  3. Silky soft, non-restrictive leg band
  4. Ergonomic fit
  5. Perforated bib straps
  6. Dual stretch bib straps
  7. Reflective striping
  8. Women’s Cirro S-W chamois

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