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Dental Health

5 Reasons to choose dental implants

1.Very easy to care

There is no special care for your implant teeth. You just brush them and floss them daily as like your natural teeth.

2.Dental implants are fixed in place, so they won't move, click or shift, giving you self-confidence in your smile.

3.Safe for adjacent natural teeth

Dental implants have no contact on the health of nearby natural teeth; other tooth-substitution systems, be that as it may, can debilitate nearest teeth. With bridgework, for instance, the characteristic teeth on either side of a space left by a missing tooth must offer help for the dental bridges. This can stretch those neighboring teeth and abandon them more helpless to rot. Moreover, a halfway denture depends on neighboring regular teeth for support and may cause those teeth to loosen over time. Dental implants are stand-alone tooth substitutions that don't depend on support from adjacent natural teeth.

4.Hold your original face shape, and smile.


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