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Android based sales application for tracking your employees sales operations

by iberis123 - Oct 12, 2017 - sales sales tracking app

Sales tracker is an android mobile  application for tracking your employee's sales operations in a real point of time.It will provide customizable mobile & web dashboards which can efficiently capture the sales, target and revenue details

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Sales tracking app for your bussiness

by iberis123 - Apr 24, 2017 - sales business

Manage your sales distribution productivity using pointnine9, sales distribution app.Reduced sales skew and balanced distribution levels.We are guaranteed to this app will improve the efficiency of your sales person.


1. Greater sales productivity.

2. Continued double digit in earnings and revenue.

3. Improved win-win situation with distributors by improving their ROI.

4. Reduced sales skew and balanced distribution levels.

5. Reduced stock out by 50%.

6. Reduced excess inventory at distributor’s end by 50%Ready processes to create stickiness with the Distribution partners.

7.Unified distribution process enabled for future changes alignment and complete compliance.

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