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How to get approval by adsense on a blog

by kamishah - Oct 07, 2017 - adsense blogging approval

dorsement framework exceptionally strict. You commit little errors and get disliked inevitably. Here are few reasons why Google will dismiss your AdSense application.


1. Inadequate substance/Unacceptable site content

Your site doesn't have enough content on for Google masters to audit.

Google gives a considerable measure of significant worth and regard for the substance of the blog before tolerating it. On the off chance that the substance is inadequately composed and has syntactic errors Google will dismiss the blog immediately.

Not just the substance should be syntactically right, it must be exceptional and needs to offer some incentive to the clients and perusers of the blog. So the main reason is the inadequately composed substance on your blog.

Are your worried then read how to get approval from adsense.

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One essential advance: Google AdSense specify in their dismissal email that your site ought to have an unmistakable

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