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Whooping Cough Signs and Symptoms and its Treatment

by medicalschooledu - Jun 08, 2017 - whooping cough

This Article is About the Whooping it is a disease and Cause by person to person and We have to avoid as fast as we can. I have write an Article for you How to control on whooping cough in it.

Whooping Cough

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How Does the Human Eye Work | All About the eyes.

How Does the Human Eye Work

Your Eye works like a kind of Camera. As you want to know that how human eye work lets take the example of camera you will understand. It takes picture around you and convey it to your brain. Human brain works out that what you are seeing around you and it act like a Memory. It happen just like that you open your eye in the morning and close your eyes at night while sleeping.

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What is Eye | What are the Parts of the Eye.

What is Eye?  

The eye is an organ that recognizes light and sends motions along the optic nerve to the mind. In people, the eye is a valuable sense organ that gives us the capacity to see. It takes into light discernment and vision, including the capacity to separate amongst colors and depth. Read More

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