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Almost all the practical applications of these 200mw Laser Pen

by michale - Feb 13, 2017 - laser technology

Optogama's engineering teams can also modify or upgrade standard comercial or scientific high powered laser pointer .There is a great deal of laser research and development still to be done.The technical expertise gathered with these investigations leads to a continuous improvement and further developments of laser sources, beam control and beam delivery systems for diffraction-limited high-power laser radiation.The use of laser and laser diode sources in metrology, visualization and materials processing.

Some applications require the creation of new semiconductor green laser pointer . We bring them into existence in close collaboration with our customers.CO2 lasers dominated this business as they were the only type of source that could offer the 5-6 kW output power.This occurred because design and manufacturing engineers saw that laser welding offered superior joint strength.Apart from the development of future laser technologies, existing high-power laser systems.

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