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UX is More Important than Aesthetics in Singapore

The ideal is creating effective user experience as well as balanced and beautiful visual design.

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The key to every design project is to bring good user experience. At the beginning of a project, the most important is to understand the service requirements, design the flow, realize the functions. Beautiful UI(User Interface) design can be surely icing on the cake.

Most of the time, just designing a perfect looked interface is not enough for users to use it properly. Usually, designers trend to consider things from the designer’s view, while we need to serve the user, the product will be used by users, so it is essential to have user involved and think on user’s view. The purpose of User Experience(UX) is to enhance customer satisfaction and sales by providing the largest ease of use, benefit and enjoy for users. The meaning of a product existence is its functions. At the same time, aesthetic is also of big importance. Well, polished interface by visual design can greatly attract pote

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Learn to Tell a User Story in Singapore

user experience What is User story?

We all know that UX is the abbreviation of User ExperienceUX has become the core competence in the market. Every company values UX a lot. Nielsen Norman Group gives the definition that a User story is an account of events from the user’s perspective; the events in the story show the evolution of an experience. A successfully crafted story should be compelling and evoke emotion, transcending culture and expertise. It can describe a current, as-is situation, or be set in the future.

Why we need to tell a User Story?

The user story from a UX point of view is a discrete piece of functionality or user goal that you will have identified through your user research. This will include among others inputs from your personas, user journeys and even your information architecture.

As such, you will normally create your first user stories after your initial research phase is complete. If you are working in Agile you can expect to help write user stories throughout the pro

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Mobile App Usability Testing in Singapore

Usability testing is a way to test how easy something is by testing it with real users. When you designed your product, here refer to app prototype, you need to have a test before mass production into the market. Usability is effortless to do at low cost but will benefit you a lot. Many bugs and small defects can be exposed.

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In usability testing, customers perform a series of tasks with interactive products. We observe customer behaviours and detect usability issues of the products. We also make effective suggestions on how to address these issues and improve the current design.

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5 Key Points in User Experience Evaluation of E-commerce Application

Thanks to the convenient internet, now we have been accustomed to buying almost everything from mobile phone whenever and wherever we want. The representative e-commerce digital platforms in China are Taobao and JD. We tend to rely on mobile terminal applications rather than PC terminal websites. Today I want to share some views from my point about the User Experience Evaluation in E-commerce applications.

Business-To-Consumer(B2C) applications are developed based on E-commerce websites.  B2B apps have developed faster and faster, its aim is to attract a visitor into stores and completing the online purchase. We all know that User Experience is one of the most important factors for E-commerce applications success, it has become a competitive requirement for business. ISO 9241-210 defines user experience as “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”. Morville has contributed in the field of UX providing seven well-

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How to Create a Customer Journey Map in UX Design in Singapore

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We all know user experience research is required to do before development, well, do you know the detail UX design process? Today I would like to share this article.

Despite best intentions and mountains of data, many organizations continue to offer lackluster experiences for their customers.

Many organizations function with an internal focus, and that becomes apparent when customers interact with their various products, services, and employees. Every interaction a customer has with an organization has an effect on satisfaction, loyalty, and the bottom line. Plotting out a customer’s emotional landscape by way of a Customer Journey Map, or Experience Map, along their path sheds ­­­­light on key opportunities for deepening those relationships.

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An Agile Introduction of Personas in UX Design in Singapore

UI design

As a UX designer, you may often hear a word“Personas”. You may doubt what does it mean? What is its function in the design process?


The definition of Personas was firstly raised by Alan Cooper, who is the father of interaction design. He defined it as”Personas are a concrete representation of target users”. Personas are target user model built on a series of real marketing data and usability data. By user research to understand the user, based on the difference of their goal, behavior, and views, we can classify them into different types, then extract the typical features from each type, give them names, photos, some demographic factors, scenario description and so on, then develop personas.

Large companies like using personas to do user research, such as Microsoft, and Tencent.


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Customer Experience vs User Experience in Singapore

You may hear User Experience(UX) more than Customer Experience(CX), I also feel confused about them. Why UX is more frequently appeared and talked about our design work, and get more attention? Are they same? What is good UX and good CX? Now let’s clarify them.

Customer and user are two different roles

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The customer is who will buy your product, service or system. They pay money to the sale, the process of purchasing can be called customer experience. They may not use it, perhaps they just buy it for other people.

In contrast, the user is the end user who opens the product or enjoys the service. The product may not be bought by them. They just use them. The process of using can be called user experience.

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UX Design vs Service Design in Singapore

We have followed UX design for such a long time that you may feel strange if we mention service design. What is the difference between UX design and service design?

Generally speaking, service design is broader and covers more ranges than UX design. Service design is more complex than UX design, they have interaction at the same time. They are all designing process, how to make the process running smoothly.

User Experience(UX) Design

UX design is more like describing the journey map of user behavior, certainly, a user journey map is an important tool of UX researchUX design pays attention to user behavior, emotions, pain points and opportunities during the beginning, medium and later phase when users have interacted with the product.

user experience in Singapore

During the process, designer meets user requirements by UX design, solve the pain points or even change user behavior habits. Good UX design can achieve the effect that makes user gets good experience unintentionally. So how to reach a good process

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Forecast: 8 Trends of 2018 UI Design in Singapore

2017 is drawing to a close. This year is a year of rapid development of the UI design industry. The design trend of the UI interface is also constantly changing. UI designers need to grasp the development of the times and the design of user needs in order to allow their works more influential, more popular. Although we are unlikely to predict too far ahead, we can still have a basic guess about next year’s design trends. Here are 8 trends of 2018 UI design.

UI design

1.Card Design

UI design in sg

Card Design is a design method inspired by Material Design, it first appeared in the APP design, then become popular in web design, even influence much graphic design. Card design is an interesting and useful creation because its existence can help us organize information more easily, and lead user has interaction with interface clearer. Card design implies the modular design idea from structure and visualization. It also makes it easy to become a carrier of cross-device interaction, stacking, moving, transmissio

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What’s the Exact Difference between UX and UI in Singapore?

Many fresh design learners want to know the exact difference between UX(User eXperience) and UI(User Interface). So it is time to make two terms clear.

Some people say UI is the visual effect, user terminal device, and focus on interface, whose aim is to convey product experience. While UX/UE is the product experience, user impression on the company, brand, service and product, focus on interaction, whose aim is to make product more user friendly.

A more professional illustration is searched for explanation. The main division of UX labor has research, information, interaction, while UI is about visual, interaction and front-end. Whether UI or UX, interaction is the core of the whole information architecture, interaction is a very abstract concept.

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