More news on the Jeep Cherokee

by wellmotors - Dec 14, 2017

Further reports said that while the Jeep was fleeing from the police, the car thief crashed into a police cruiser near Mound and Eight Mile Roads. The man was pronounced dead at 4:42 am.

More news on the Jeep Cherokee but this time its not a car accident but a carnapping incident involving a stolen Jeep Cherokee that happened in Warren, Michigan. These accidents however, were not caused by faulty Jeep parts like damaged Jeep alternator not even an error in wiring, etc. --- obviously, its nothing of that sort. The two northbound lanes in front of the Speedway were blocked for the time being as investigation continues. The driver of the van is in critical condition and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital. According to police operatives the stolen Jeep headed to the BP Gas Gasoline pressure washer Station at Ten Mile and Mound Roads where the carnapper stole a windshield washer fluid.

According to investigation, the accident may have been caused by one of the vehicles while pulling out o

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You might want to clean the graffiti coatings

by wellmotors - Dec 04, 2017

You might want to clean the graffiti coatings and make your place look neat. If you are not satisfied with your cleaning, then you may apply the cleaning agent for various rounds until you clear off the graffiti coatings completely. As you are using very harsh chemicals to clean the graffiti coatings, always use safety glasses to protect your eyes. It is always better to go by circular motions if you want to remove the paint completely from the equipment.All of us want our place and equipments to be clean including our walls. Baking soda is good in cleaning and of course less aggressive on the equipment. You might not be happy to see that some one had spoilt your equipments.

It is of course frustrating to see your playground equipments with graffiti coatings. Try different strokes on the affected area and finally you must use the washer nozzle hub motor to remove the graffiti coatings completely. Select a portion of the equipment and apply a little solvent to the affected area or the

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