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Manual Therapy in Leduc

Physiotherapy Services Leduc - Willow Park Physio

Willow Park Physio & Health Clinic has two physical therapists and two support staffs. Ravi Rathinasamy and Kamal Ponnusamy are the directors/physical therapists of the clinic.

Our physical therapy staff has more than 30 years of combined clinical experience. They have extensive training and certifications enabling them to competently treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.Call for Physiotherapy Services in Leduc

Phone:- 780-986-3666

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Call 780-986-3666 for Manual Therapy in Leduc

Manual Therapy or Manipulative treatment has its underlying foundations in the early years of physiotherapy when it was utilized as a methods for advancing recuperating and calming torment. Manual treatment is a "hands on" treatment approach that assembles the joints of the spine and furthest points, encourages the initiation, adaptability and ordinary tone of muscles. These procedures may incorporate myofascial discharge, craniosacral strategies, joint assembly and back rub treatment to give some examples. Joint preparation is a typical practice among physiotherapists where a joint is moved inactively to accomplish a remedial impact. It is shown with limitation of movement or torment because of snugness in the muscles as well as ligaments. It can likewise aid the reabsorbing of scar tissue, accelerate muscle mending and advance joint versatility by encouraging frill movements.For more information:780-986-3666info@willowparkphysio.cawww.willowparkphysio.ca5911 50 St, Leduc, AB T9E 6S7,

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